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... to Victory and beyond! Overview

Complete set Plate 1-7

prize 203,00 Euro

Single Plates

Plate 1: Glazing bars for stern windows, side pockets and quarter deck bulkheads, incl. material for the glazing

Price 23,00 Euro

Plate 2: Rigols

prize 16,00 Euro

Plate 3: Channels incl. needles (needles still need to be refined!)

prize 44,00 Euro

Plate 4: Deck fittings, incl. material for the glazing and netting for hammock cranes

prize 49,00 Euro

Plate 5: Lettering and decoration

prize 20,00 Euro

Plate 6: Gunport lid fittings

prize 36,00 Euro

Plate 7: Ringbolts and hooks complete plate

prize 47,00 Euro

Plate 8: Gratings complete plate (not included in the special priced set)

prize 32,00 Euro

Resin parts

Casted parts come roughly tidied from quality check and still need finish.
May still contain minor form displacements or mini cavities.
3D printed parts are alraedy taken off their supports.
See instruction sheet for details.

NEU! Resin 1: Pilasters for stern and side galleries

Especially designed for the Heller Victory 1:100.
Set of 6 parts: prize 36w,00 Euro

NEU! Resin 2: Side entry port plus steps

Set for both sides of the ship: prize 38,00 Euro

NEU! Resin 3: Set of 6 anchors: 4 Bower, 1 Stream und 1 Kedgeanchor fitting 1805 standard

Bower and stream each three parts, kedgd two parts, all with rings and cardbord for anchor stock loops,
2 buoys, 2 anchor shoes, not assembled
Whole set of 6 anchors 85 Euro

NEU! Resin 4: Knightheads

prize 8,00 Euro

NEU! Resin 5: Set of 4 bitts

2 bitts for foremast, 1 for Mainmast and 1 for mizzen mast
prize 25,00 Euro

NEU! Resin 6: Center piece of the figure head.

Crown and figures not included: prize 22,00 Euro

NEU! Resin 7: Cat heads

Set of 2 cat heads and 2 cat blocks: prize 14,00 Euro

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