... to Victory and beyond!

... a model often seen. Therefore boring? Far off!

Even though build so often, there are planty of dark corners, that no modeler went before, so many new and unexplored things that turn out unexpected that there is still space for more than one innovative model. These ones could be some of them.

The Heller Kit im in 1:100 and the tasty things that can be done out of it ... more ...


Small set ups 1:100 ... more ...

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Update April 2022:
New parts for USS Constitution! ... klick ...

Etchparts and other after market for the Heller kit in 1:100

The set consists out of 8 brass plates and resin items.

The plates reflect the building order and can be ordered seperately.

... more ...


Etch parts and other after market items for other models and scales

Ringbolts, Hooks and gratings in large selection, not just 1:100

... more ...



Bringing modelmaking further and still enjoying?

Right :-)

Good research, looking for unusual solutions, trying out new crafts and finally adding some soul.

It does not take much more apart from some other like-minded crazy people who incite for new misdeeds. To find for example on those wonderful places:

MSW ModelShipWorld

The Ship Models Forum

In french:

Marine et Modélisme d'Arsenal

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